Sunday, May 29, 2011

BF3 Trailer

This is the full trailer of the upcoming game Battlefield 3 coming out 11/2/11

After playing tons of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 I cannot wait to buy this game. Personally, I think it will be better than Modern Warfare 3 (no offense to MW fans).

Both look like very good games and I will probably end up buying both BF3 and MW3. With MW3 coming out 11/9/11, they are being released only a week apart, so it isn't really a matter of which game comes out first unless you are just dying to get your copy BF3.

Which game do you guys think will be better? BF3 or MW3?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Crysis 2 Review


Real-time gameplay graphics
To start off, the graphics on this game are nuts. Crysis 2 has the best graphics out of any game on the market right now, besides maybe the first one. The graphics for the first Crysis that came out a few years ago were so good, that many people didn't have a good enough computer to even play it. Because the graphics were so good on the first one, they didn't even improve the graphics on the second one, but they actually dimmed down the graphics a little to allow more people to be able to run the game on their computers. The settings are a simpler now, with the only graphics option being "Hardcore", "Gamer", or "Advanced". The first Crysis was not available on the Xbox, but Crysis 2 is. The graphics on the Xbox are not as good as it would be than if you were to play it on a PC, but they are still great and you will not be disappointed with the console version.


The Nanosuit in stealth mode
Along with the amazing graphics of the game, it is coupled with some great game-play. In the Campaign mode, before you advance to an area full of enemies, you have points marked on your HUD with tactical options such as flank, infiltrate, avoid, etc. Your character's Nanosuit gives you the ability to throw heavy objects, run super fast, go invisible in stealth mode, increase your damage threshold in armor mode, and see enemies with a long range thermal vision in Nanovision mode. All these functions tax your Nanosuit's battery though, and it can drain it quickly. The good thing is that your battery recharges very quickly though. The storyline is approximately 4-6 hours long, which is a decent length, but it could be a little longer. Crysis 2 has a variety of customization, with many different weapons, attachments, and abilities to choose from that you can use to beat the enemy. Although the storyline is great, the multi-player is where you will be spending most of your hours smashing other players. Crytek has made a way to almost completely abolish camping, which is awesome. If you are killed by a camper, you can return to where you died in stealth mode, giving you a better time to react than the camper would have. Also, if you are trying to collect killstreaks, you must pick up your fallen foe's dogtags to increase your killstreak count. This game is overall amazing and I would definitely recommend it. Crysis 2 is probably currently the best FPS that is out today and if you buy this game, you will not be disappointed.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Mortal Kombat 9 Review

I picked up MK9 from ToysRus for $30 a week after it came out, which is a pretty good deal. Unfortunately, I don't think they still have the deal, but it might still be $40. MK9 returns to its roots from its first games that came out in the 90s. The game is mostly based off of MK2. The game is very fun, and whether you play multiplayer or singleplayer you are gonna get a lot of gameplay hours out of this game. The story mode is a few hours long, and you get to try out a variety of characters to see which one you might become good with. It also has a Challenge Tower mode which has 300 different challenges, so that will take a while. There are also some mini games such as Test Your Luck, Test Your Might, and Test Your strength. You can go into a map called the Krypt, which has game art, fatalities, soundtrack, and more you can unlock. Overall the game is awesome; the best fighting game I've played yet. Shao Kahn is still a pain in the ass though.

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